Destination Dental Digital Dentures

Dentures aren’t new to the world of dentistry, but they’re becoming more advanced with time. People switch from regular dentures and implants to digital dentures for many reasons. Destination Dental’s Digital Dentures improve your level of comfort. They help you bite, speak, and sleep better, among many other benefits.

Why You Need Digital Dentures:

Knowing you need dentures is never an easy thing to find out, but dentures are a critical step to alleviating many health problems.

Designed To Fit Your Mouth

When you choose digital dentures, you get the perfect smile with as much customizability as possible in dental care. These are prosthetics that give you the exact spacing, smile line, and bite of your natural jaw. Using our state-of-the-art computer programing, we’re able to make special alterations to ensure a perfect fit.

 Faster Design & Turn-Around Time

Why wait 30 days for low-quality dentures? With our digital advancements, you’ll only have to wait a week or two for your beautiful smile.

Digital Backup

When your dentures go missing, we can quickly look at the data from your initial appointment and create a new pair for you. Instead of making you wait months for replacement dentures, the computer system stores your data. Should your mouth change, the data allows us to make quick adjustments.

 Fewer Dental Appointments

With most dental services you’ll need to wait between appointments to get fitted and receive your dentures. With digital dentures, you’ll be able to get what you need faster since you won’t have to book excess follow-up appointments.

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